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We have a huge range of aquarium accessories available, with equipment to help you maintain your aquarium with the minimum of effort and essential sundry accessories such as nets, automatic feeders and over flow boxes.

For example, our maintenance section includes over 30 products to help you easily maintain your aquarium, as what’s the point in having a fish tank if you can’t see into it due to algae growing all over the glass! As such we have a range of floating algae magnets, gravel cleaners (including power gravel cleaners), glass polish and water containers.

We also stock a range of automatic feeders which are perfect, not just for when you’re on holiday, but for every day use when you’re at work!

Our automatic top up systems ensure that the water level in your aquarium remains constant, especially important if you’re keeping a marine aquarium which uses a sump for filtration.

We also have a range of additional accessories that are appropriate for marine and reef keepers, including Mangrove Boxes, Pest Traps, Peristaltic Pumps, Reactors (including calcium, nitrate and phosphate reactors) and Wave Makers.

If you’re looking to add a sump filter system to your aquarium, but do not wish/are unable to drill your aquarium, our range of Overflow Boxes are the perfect solution for you.

Should you have any questions relating to aquarium accessories, please feel free to contact us.


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