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Automatic Feeders

Automatic feeders are a great accessory for all fish keepers and are highly recommended! Not only to they take the stress away regarding who will feed your fish when you’re on holiday (as neighbours do have a habit of over feeding fish in your absence!), they can be used day in and day out to replicate the natural feeding habits of your livestock e.g. your fish can be fed little and often throughout the day, even when you’re at work.

If you have any questions relating to automatic fish feeders, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help


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All of the feeders that we stock are ideal for feeding dried fish foods such as flake and pellets. Ideally mix a number of your favourite brands in the feeder to help provide a varied diet for your fish.

Taking this approach ensures that your fish are fed an appropriate diet as required, with the minimum of effort on your part, so you can spend more time enjoying your fish tank.

We have automatic feeders available from all of the leading manufacturers.

For aquarium use we have products by Eheim, Hydor and Juwel. For pond use, we have products by Velda, Hozelock, Fish Mate and Cloverleaf.