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Overflow Boxes

If you’ve ever had an aquarium with a sump, you’ll know they just can’t be beaten for practicality. All of the large items that you have to spend hours trying to hide in your display aquarium, such as heaters, UV sterilisers and protein skimmers can be out stored out of the way, making them easy to maintain and ensuring you’re not distracted by a protein skimmer when looking into your aquarium!

Other benefits of sumps include the ability to significantly increase the volume of water that is associated with your system, without increasing the foot print associated with the aquarium. The more water you have, the more stable it is – so sumps are a great system to help create the optimum water conditions for your livestock.

In order to install a sump, you’ll either need to drill your aquarium (obviously this needs to be done from the outset when the aquarium is empty!), or you can use an Overflow box. The Overflow box is designed to allow you to pass water down to the sump without a hole being drilled in the aquarium, safely, even in the event of a power cut.

In over view, you place a return pump in to the sump which will be prefilled to the appropriate depth. When switched on, the water level in the display aquarium will increase until reaches the level required to pass through the overflow, back into the sump. Instructions will be included to set this up properly.

If you have any questions relating to aquarium overflows, then please feel free to contact us. We have a number of models available, with products from both Aqua Medic and Tunze.

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    Tunze Overflow Box - 1074/2

    Tunze Overflow Box - 1074/2 Tunze Overflow Box - 1074/2
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