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Aquarium Systems

AquariumSystems have been manufacturing aquarium products since it's creation in 1964, providing aquatic products aimed at both hobbyists and public aquariums.

Some of the most well known products within the hobby are produced by AquariumSystems, including Instant Ocean and Reef Crystal salt, the Visitherm range of aquarium heaters, and the MaxiJet Powerhead and Pump.

In recent years, AquariumSystems have continued to develop new products, with the creation of the NewAir, NewJet Pumps and NeWave Pumps and the Cobra Internal Power Filter. The Instant Ocean brand has been extended to include the very popular Instant Ocean Hydrometer, together with a range of Protein Skimmers suitable for large reef aquariums.

AquariumSystems itself are extremely environmentally conscious - recently moving their manufacturing facilities to a new 35 hectare site with direct access to the major transport infrastructures. The new factory, built from recycled or low environmental impact materials, now offers optimal work and research conditions for its employees, thanks to an eco-responsible and functional internal layout.

Everywhere you look, the emphasis is on natural lighting, streaming in through generous bays that look out on to the landscape of the Moselle plain. To use electric lighting efficiently, each room is also fitted with motion sensors that help us to automate light source management.

Another example: a clever underfloor heating system enables us to recover the energy produced. Finally, the landscaping completes the general feeling of harmony and integration of Aquarium Systems into its environment.

AquariumSystems Manufacturing Facility

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