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Collection: Reactors

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We have a huge range of reactors available for specialist applications, generally within marine and reef aquariums. This includes products by D-D, Tunze and Bubble Magus, who manufacture Nitrate, Calcium, Phosphate and Plankton Reactors.

Nitrate Reactors are fed using a peristaltic water pump which supplies a very slow flow rate through the unit. Beneficial bacteria populate the media within the reactor, consuming the oxygen within the system. This creates anaerobic conditions within which bacteria which consume nitrates can develop, removing them from the water, prior to it being returned slowly to the system.

Calcium Reactors use a calcium rich substrate which is slowly dissolved when aquarium water and CO2 is passed through the aquarium. The calcium released can then be utilised by your corals to help them build their skeletal structures. Calcium Reactors are very much a necessity when looking to keep hard corals in the closed system of an aquarium.

Phosphate reactors use a chemical filter media which targets phosphate and silicates, removing them from the water column that slow passes through the reactor. A phosphate reactor is a great way to deal with the main causes of nuisance algae that can spoil the presentation of your fish tank.

As we know, plankton is the foundation to any marine habitat and provides the nutrition required by some of the largest animals on the planet (together with many of the smaller ones!). A plankton reactor can be used to grow plankton which can then be introduced to your aquarium as a food stuff for your inverts.