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Collection: Aquarium Additives

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At Aquacadabra, we have a huge range of additives to help maintain the appropriate levels of minerals and trace elements for your livestock, including products by Aquaforest, Aqua Medic, Brightwell Aquatics, Carib Sea, Fluval Sea, Red Sea, Salifert and Seachem. Operating within a closed loop, over time essential minerals and trace elements are depleted as they are absorbed by livestock, whether that be fish, plants of corals. Regular water changes help to replenish these, however this may not be sufficient. It is essential therefore to use additives to ensure your livestock have the necessary trace elements and minerals to prosper.

We have divided our range of additives into freshwater and marine, and have also associated them into appropriate groups e.g. Buffers, Iron, Iodine, Trace Elements, etc. We have also associated each additive to an appropriate bottle size, allowing you to filter the ranges easily.

Should you need any advice regarding aquarium additives, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help you with your selection.