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Internal Fish Tank Filters

At Aquacadabra, we have one of the UK's largest selections of internal power filters for coldwater, tropical or marine fish tanks. This includes products from Aquael, AquariumSystems, Eheim, Fluval, Interpet, Marina and Tetra. Our range of internal power filters includes products suitable for aquariums from 19lts to 240lts.

Use the attributes on the left of this page to quickly identify the internal power filter that is suitable, filtering products by filter range, price, flow rate or manufacturer.

Should you need any advice regarding internal power filters, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help you with your selection.

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Why Choose an Internal Power Filter:

Internal power filters are a reliable and easy to maintain filtration system for aquariums up to 240lts. Providing mechanical, chemical and biological filtration, they are generally silent in operation and significantly outperform air powered filtration methods, and are a suitable alternative should your aquarium or budget not allow the use of an external canister filter.

The internal power filter is usually placed in a back corner of your aquarium, usually secured with suckers. When submerged, simply plug the filter into your power supply and the pump will circulate the aquarium's water, filtering it accordingly. As can be seen on the example to the right (an Eheim Aquaball internal filter), water is drawn through the canister of the filter, in which the filter cartridges are housed. The pumps at the top of the filter sucks the water through the cartridges before returning the clean water back to the aquarium, usually at the water's surface to provide additional surface agitation, oxygenating the water.

Most internal powerfilters include a foam filter media which is colonised over time by beneficial bacteria. This breaks down waste products created by your livestock, decaying plant matter and uneaten food.

Many of the internal power filters that we stock also have carbon filter pads available, which helps to remove odours and tannins (always remove carbon if using medications). Additionally, very fine filter pads can alo be added, helping to mechanically sift fine particles from the water column.

Aquacadabra Tip: Never rinse your filter media in tap water! Beneficial bacteria take many weeks to fully develop and the chlorine found in tap water will kill this, endangering your livestock. A great tip is to rinse your filter foam in the water you remove from your aquarium when undertaking a partial water change.