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Fish Foods

At Aquacadabra, we have a huge range of foods suitable for freshwater, marine and pond fish. This includes products from Aquarian, Brightwell Aquatics, D-D, Hikari, New Era/Aqua Viatalis, King British, Nishikoi, Nutrafin, Ocean Nutrition and Tetra.

To help you browse and compare our different products, we have split our fish food section into a number of different categories. Within our left hand navigation, it is possible to filter products by food type (e.g. flake, pellet, etc), size in both ml and grammes, species type (e.g. Catfish, Goldfish, etc) and manufacturer.

View our Fish Foods Categories

Automatic Feeders
Flake Foods
Freeze Dried Food
Fry Foods
Gel Foods
Holiday Foods
Marine Liquids
Pellet Foods
Wafer Foods

Feeding your fish a balanced and varied diet is essential for the well being of your livestock. With this in mind, our range of foods has been designed to ensure you can provide this. Ideally feed your fish little and often throughout the day. If this is not possible due to working commitments, an automatic feeder is a great way to do this. Automatic feeders can be filled with flake and/or pellets dependent upon your livestock's requirements. A useful tip is to mix a number of different flakes and pellets together, helping to vary the diet for your fish.

To supplement flake and pellet foods, frozen or paste foods are perfect - especially if you're looking to condition your fish for breeding.