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Juwel Aquarium

Juwel manufacturer one of the most popular range of aquariums on the UK and have been in business for the last 50 years. All Juwel Aquariums includes filtration, lighting and a heater - all of which is neatly designed to be as pleasing to the eye as possible. With all of this equipment being provided, Juwel Aquariums are ideal for newcomers to the hobby. This does not hinder them however for more advanced applications, such as the creation of a marine reef tank.

We stock the entire range of Juwel Aquariums, together all accessories and spare parts. This includes replacement filter medias for Juwel's innovative internal filter system, Juwel powerheads and replacement Juwel heaters.

We also stock Juwel lighting systems, including replacement T5 tubes, together with entire Juwel Hi-Lite lighting units. Should you require replacement Juwel Flap Set and Spares, we also have these available for all of the Juwel aquarium models.

Juwel also manufacture a range of decorative backgrounds which are tailored specifically to the Juwel aquarium range of products.

If you're looking to create a marine or reef fish tank, Juwel now produce a Protein Skimmer to ensure efficient filtration of your saltwater Juwel Aquarium.

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