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At Aquacadabra, we have a huge range of aquarium lighting, including LED lighting systems, T5 and T8 fluorescent tube and Metal Halide Pendants and Bulbs. This includes products from Aqua Medic, Arcadia, Juwel, Hagen and Giesemann.

Select the appropriate category using either the list to the left of this page, or by clicking on the relevant links below. Once on the sub category, you will be able to search for products, using attribute filtering.

Should you need any advice, please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help you with your selection.

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What are the different types of aquarium lighting:

T8 Fluorescent Lighting

T8 Fluorescent Tubes are the traditional method used to light aquariums. They are available from a number of different manufacturers, in a number of different colour ranges that can be tailored to your aquarium's requirements. To use a T8 Fluorescent Tube, you need to use an electronic controller which provides the power to the tube, which is usually held in place within your aquarium hood using plastic clips.

T8 Fluorescent Tubes are ideal for less demanding applications, such as lighting a cold-water or tropical aquarium, however they don't have a hugely powerful output making them less effective for planted aquariums or reef tanks, when compared to other lighting systems.

T5 Fluorescent Lighting

T5 Fluorescent Tubes follow a similar principle to T8 Fluorescent Tubes, requiring an electronic controller to power them. T5 Fluorescent Tubes are smaller in diameter, however they are more powerful, providing brighter light that can penetrate deeper aquariums.

T5 Fluorescent Tubes are ideal for both planted and reef aquariums, where multiple tubes can be installed that cater for different spectra, for example reef aquariums should have both white and actinic tubes to cater for the full lighting spectra

Aquacadabra Tip: Both T8 and T5 Fluorescent Tubes fade over time, and it often difficult to spot until you replace a tube. Fluorescent Tubes should be replaced every 12 months to ensure you're providing sufficient lighting for your livestock, particularly if you're stocking corals.

Metal Halide Lighting

Metal Halide Lighting is the most powerful lighting system available to aquarists. These have been traditionally used by reef keepers who need a powerful lighting system for light loving invertebrates. Metal Halides can also be used for Freshwater aquariums, with a number of manufacturers supplying appropriate bulbs suitable for freshwater planted aquariums.

Metal Halide Lighting systems use powerful bulbs, traditionally 150w or 250w (but they are available up to 1000w), which are designed to replicate light of a specific colour and heat range.

Metal Halide Lighting systems tend to be supported above the aquarium, approximately 30cm (12") above the surface of the aquarium's water. They do generate a significant amount of heat which can be detrimental to livestock in the summer, however they are their ability to provide sufficient lighting levels for hard to keep stony corals.

LED Lighting

The use of LEDs lighting for aquariums has developed significantly over the last 2 to 3 years, with many new manufacturers developing LED lighting systems. There can feature numerous LEDs with appropriate light spectrums for either planted, marine or reef aquariums.

LED lighting systems can provide light with an intensity similar to Metal Halide, however they are more energy efficient with lower operating costs, and generate less heat.