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Oase Pond Pumps

We've great pleasure in welcoming the Oase range of Pond Pumps to our website - having taken delivery of a select range which we'll be keeping in stock from now onwards.

We have four models available, the Aquarius Fountain pump with a flow rate up to 3,400lph, the AquaMax Eco Classic with flow rates of between 2,400lph and 17,400lph, the AquaMax Eco Premium with flow rates of between 4,000lph and 19,500lph - and finally the Filstral all in one filter - comprising submersible pump, filter and UV Clarifier all in one product.

If you need any advice with regards to which Oase Pond Pump is the right one for you, feel free to get in touch as we're always happy to help.

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