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Aquacadabra Barley Straw Pond - Single

Recommended by the Centre for Aquatic Plant Management, barley straw treatment for ponds is a natural solution for blanket weed and algae problems. This product is our own brand and will provide 4 months treatment for 3,000lts.

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Product Description

The Natural solution to controlling algae from Aquacadabra - that's right it's our own brand :-)

• Creates clear water effortlessly
• 100% Natural & safe
• Controls all algae types
• With added lavender & marigold
• Simply add to pond and watch it work
• Effective against all algae types with added lavender to improve effectiveness.
• Safe for use with all plants, fish, animals & wildlife.
• Each pad gives 4 months protection for ponds up to 3000 litres / 660 gallons.

Recommended by the Centre for Aquatic Plant Management, barley straw treatment for ponds is a natural solution for blanket weed and algae problems. It has been widely used since the early 1990s in England for controlling algal growth in canals, lakes and reservoirs and unlike chemical treatments is harmless to pond-life and higher plants.

Barley straw works by preventing new algal growth, rather than by killing algae. This makes it safer to use than algaecides. Mass-death of algae can have a devastating effect on water quality and can make oxygen levels drop sharply to the point where it can even kill fish. With barley straw the algae simply dies off naturally and is not replaced (or is replaced more slowly) by new growth so that the algae decreases to a new stable level.

In shallow ponds other water plants can establish themselves as the algae is eliminated. As they grow they absorb the nutrients that algae needs and help keep your pond clear.

Directions for Use:

Remove any algae where possible before introducing the pad.

The Pond Pad will give a single treatment of up to 3000 litres of pond water. Treatment cannot be overdosed. Place preferably in an area of good water circulation. Note: where there is already a heavy infestation of green water or blanketweed it is advisable to double this quantity to get the problem under control.

Pads may be placed in filter (if installed) provided they are submerged and do not interfere with the operation of the filter. Pumps, where fitted, should be left running 24 hours a day and not switched off at night. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for pad to become fully active. Remove any regrowth where possible. The pad will become waterlogged and may sink from view after a few weeks – this is quite normal. Add an additional pad to the pond every 3 to 4 months or as necessary.


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