Aquarium Filtration Equipment
We have one of the largest selections of filtration equipment in the UK, including External Filters, Internal Filters, Filter Media, Protein Skimmers, UV Sterilisers and Airpumps. This includes products .... Filtration
Aquarium Heaters and Chillers
We stock a wide range of Aquarium Heaters and Chillers, as well as Pond Heaters. This includes products from all of the major manufacturers suitable for freshwater and marine fish tanks and suitable.... Heaters
Aquarium Lighting
There are many methods that can be used to light your aquarium including LEDs, Metal Halide (HQI) systems and both T8 and T5 Fluorescent tubes. It is important to tailor your lighting system to the requirements of.... Lighting
Water Quality
Water Quality
To successfully keep fish, you need to ensure you provide the appropriate water conditions for your livestock's needs. Our range of Water Quality products includes aquarium test kits, medications.... Water Quality
Fish Foods
Fish Foods
We stock a huge range of fish foods suitable for coldwater, tropical marine fish.With over 500 from which to choose, this includes flake foods, pellets, freeze dried foods, frozen foods and liquid food and ..... Fish Foods
Our range of decorations includes everything you need to help create a great environment for your fish to live in, together with a focal point for your room. We stock artificial plants, liquid plant fertilizers, substrates..... Decoration
Fish Tanks
Whether you are looking for your first fish tank, or you are looking for a 600 litre fully equipt and automated reef aquarium, we can can help you choose and provide you with a product suitable for your ..... Fish Tanks
Pond Equipment
Pond Products
We stock a massive range of pond equipment from all of the leading manufacturers, including Hozelock, Laguna, Blagdon and Velda. This includes pond pumps, filters, UV Clarifiers and Water Quality products..... Ponds
Aquarium Accessories
Our range of aquarium accessories includes automatic feeders, maintenance equipment, reactors, wave makers and automatic top up systems, all of which are designed to make looking after your fish..... Accessories
Spare Parts
Spare Parts
From time to time accidents will happen or a part will wear out. For this reason we list a large range of spare parts from the majority of manufacturers, including Aqua Medic, Red Sea, Interpet ..... Spare Parts
Reptile Section
We're re-opening our Online Reptile Section, with hundreds of products from Viv Exotic and Exo Terra. Please bear with us whilst we continue to add products to this section and if you can't find what ..... Reptiles
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If you would prefer to shop by manufacturer, this is the section for you! Simply click on the appropriate logo and you will be able to browse through your favorite manufacturer's products with ease ..... Shop by Manufacturer

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Why Shop with Aquacadabra?

The Aquacadabra Warehouse and our Nemo VanThere are many reasons to shop online with Aquacadabra. Having traded online since 2003, we were one of the original specialist online aquatic retailers. As such, we have a huge wealth of experience in online trading. We continue to develop both our website and our operations to ensure we have the products you’re looking for, at the right price, providing you with an enjoyable online shopping experiencebacked by an excellent level of customer service.

At present we list nearly 5,000 specialist aquarium products suitable for coldwater, tropical, marine and reef fish enthusiasts, together with a specialist pond section with products for all of your water gardening needs. All of the items that we list offer great value for money, with discounts from the recommended retail price of up to 60%. Our Reward Points scheme provides even more discounts – the more you spend the more points you can redeem against future orders. We will even give you 50 Reward Points for every product review that you make, as a small token of our appreciation for providing this valuable feedback. Your feedback helps fellow aquarists when selecting a product, and us when reviewing the items to stock - as such it is always welcome.

At Aquacadabra however, it is not just about great value for money – service is equally important. We’re not just an online aquatic retailer, we are also a specialist aquatic retailer with a bricks and mortar warehouse located in Crayford, Kent, and you are very welcome to visit. Open six days a week and staffed by experienced aquarists with a love for the hobby, our staff don’t just manage the welfare of our live stock on site, many also have tropical and marine aquariums at home. It is only by being enthusiasts for the hobby that a true understanding of fish husbandry can be obtained, whether it is understanding the requirements of your fish or knowing the appropriate piece of equipment that you require to succeed in the hobby. Our experience in store and at home allows us to provide expert advice when ever required, so feel free to get in touch, you’re most welcome – whether that be by telephone (01322 520 989), our Contact Us form or via the ‘Ask a Question’ link that can be found on every product page.

One final reason to shop with Aquacadabra is our inventory. It’s huge! Wherever possible we keep items in stock at all times, ensuring quick and easy processing of your order and a super fast delivery. Feel free not to just take our word with this statement, our eBay feedback very much backs this up – with 58,228 customers rating us 5/5 for Dispatch time in the last 12 months (as of 6th August 2015). When placing an order with us, you can rest assured we’ll have the goods with you as quickly as we possibly can.

We feel that offering a large inventory of products at competitive prices, tied to a high level of customer service and the reassurance that we are available for you 6 days a week for any fishy questions that you may have, Aquacadabra is the one stop shop for all of your aquatic needs.

Shopping on our Website:

Whether you’re a newcomer to the hobby or an experienced aquarist, you can rest assured that we’ll have a product suitable for your application. To help you along the way, we have integrated a quick and accurate search, so if you know what you’re looking for just type in the name or part number of the item in the search form on the top right of each page. If however you would prefer to browse the products that we have available, the navigation on the left of every page has been designed to help you with this. We’ve divided our website into nine main categories, Filtration, Temperature, Lighting, Water Quality, Fish Foods, Decoration, Aquarium, Ponds, Accessories, Spare Parts and Reptiles. Once you’ve drilled down through the appropriate categories we add additional attribute filtering, helping you list products by suitability for freshwater, marine, pond or reptile, by price range, etc. This approach should help you find the products you’re looking for easily, and to compare the different options that you have available with ease.


At Aquacadabra, we stock products from over 60 manufacturers from around the world. Whether you're setting up your first fish tank, or you have a huge reef system that you've been managing for many years, our aim is to supply you with whatever you need to keep a healthy environment for your pet fish. We are always happy to answer any fishkeeping questions that you may have, after all our staff are all keen hobbyists that have kept many different species- so feel free to contact us if you need any guidance - we're always happy to help.

Find below a list of featured manufacturers, to view more, click on the link below:


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