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Collection: Water Quality

At Aquacadabra, we have a huge range of products to help you establish, replenish and monitor the water quality of your aquarium. With water quality products from all of the best brands, including Fluval, Tetra and more, you can confidently care for your aquarium or pond. Whatever underwater environment you've created, care for it properly with aquarium water test kits, pH control treatments, water clarifiers and more below.

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As any fishkeeper will tell you, providing and maintaining suitable water parameters is fundamentally important to the success of your livestock, whether that be cold water, tropical, marine fish or corals. In our water quality collection, we have everything you need to care for your underwater environment and at every stage. For creating a brand new pond or aquarium, take a look at our bacteria cultures and dechlorinators or, if you're determined to maintain the health of an established environment, our range of water test kits and treatments will help you identify and target issues swiftly.