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Building a Sustainable Fish Pond

Building a Sustainable Fish Pond
If you’re looking to build a new pond for your garden, then investing in time and quality pond construction equipment can be key to building a feat...

How to Look After Your Tropical Fish

Have you been dying to keep tropical fish, but you’re not sure what’s involved? You might have gazed upon the colourful fish in your local pet shop...

The Ultimate Guide to Fishkeeping

This ultimate guide to fishkeeping explains everything you need to know about keeping fish for beginners. Starting with how to set up your tank, wh...

Holiday Time

Summer holiday season has arrived again, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog article relating to keeping your fish happy whilst yo...

Dennis' Tropical Fish Tank

About the Fish Keeper: Name: Dennis Area: Surrey Fish Kept: Tropical and Pond Fish Years in the Hobby: 12 Favourite Fish: South American Cichlids ...

Jason's Juwel Aquarium Rio 240

About the Fish Keeper: Name: Jason Area: Hampshire Fish Kept: Coldwater and Tropical Years in the Hobby: 38 Favourite Fish: Anostomus Equipment:...

David's BiOrb Life Nano Tank

About the Fish Keeper: Name: David Johnson Area: North East Fish Kept: Marine Corals and Inverts Years in the Hobby: 1 Favourite Fish: Lemon Mer...

Michael's Tropical Tank

About the Fish Keeper: Name: Michael Area: Argyll, Scotland Fish Kept: Tropical Years in the Hobby: 30 Favourite Fish: Discus Equipment: Michae...

Mike's Aqua Nano Reef

About the Fish Keeper: Name: Mike Area: South East UK Years in the Hobby: 15 Favourite Fish: Flame Angel Equipment: Cherry Aqua Marine Nano LED lig...

Choosing an Aquarium Filter

When setting up a fish tank it’s vital you consider what type of filtration system you are going to include. Filters are essential to maintain t...

What are Corals?

If you ask most people this question, they will probably suggest that corals are plants. After all, they take root on the floor of the ocean (or...

Fish Compatibility

Having your own marine fish tank is a popular choice for many people starting out in the world of fish keeping, or those with some experience al...